IT’S OVER 9000!


That’s right!, We went from a 2.8 Mhz 8core Echip box to now a  i7 8core 20mb Cache Box! What this does is, Arma is well… Still 32 Bit, meaning its an old girl not utilizing whats really on offer so to increase server FPS, Higher Mhz is the key,

A server’s OS can and in our case restrict us at a max of 50fps for the server, at a medium load today we dropped it to 49 at its lowest, with the old box we got something silly last night, 14 SERVER FPS! which is the reason i made the call to change boxes

Intel i7-5960x OC @ 4.7ghz 64GB DDR4 1 x 512GB SSD, 1 x 1TB SSD

Now, Currently the Anti Hack is still scanning each input you guys do meaning your local FPS is targeted, This local FPS hit is whats on the agenda next to address, there are still numerous error logs thrown into the server especially the simple ambient animals (they are forced locally and the server throws a log for not knowing what they are)

So to conclude, we have more GRUNT!

Stay tuned, there are planned events that will hit our site these coming weeks, ranging from Racing, to PvP arenas and MORE!