Some of you have been aware we have supported the DranfonFyre sound mod since our initial launch with the lite version, NOW, we have gone FULL SOUND MOD! the difference being a lot more realistic sounds and distant shots where originally CBA was required, now its fully integrated!

JSRS3 DragonFyre EDEN is a sound modification for ArmA3. The purpose of this modification is to bring new sounds to the game, making it more exciting. Many would say it makes the game much more realistic, but that is not the initial purpose of this modification. Even if some sounds are authentic to what we call “modern warfare”, still the main purpose was just to create a certain type of sound feeling.

The mod adds over a few thousand new sounds to the game, most ingame sounds are exchanged by these. The mod adds new distance effects to the original DragonFyre2.5 sound framework, new distance explosions and many other features back from the old (heavy scripted) version. All the cool features that could no make it because a certain type or script was needed, which also destroyed the playability for multiplayer, this new Version, called EDEN (because of the Eden Update for ArmA3) can deal with all that. Plus it stays script free. No CBA required and it works a 100% in multiplayer.

This is still not a requirement to join our server but more of a addition if wanting a sound candy experience!

What do I required to run this mod?
It is very important that any old version of any JSRS version for ArmA3 gets deleted! JSRS3 DragonFyre do NOT need CBA nor ANYTHING else. Your ArmA3 should be at least on the latest version (Eden Update 1.56) and not on DevBranch.
You should use the stable branch, thats the only version I can determine issues and problems with as the DevBranch is a “change on the fly” ArmA3 version. If I`d fix these problems, it might cause issues on the stable version again and wise versa. So I only can support one of the two version. Keep that in mind.

Future plans:
Currently I released the Build in version 1.0. This is my latest build that worked well without any problems in my testing sessions. Which does not mean that there are no issues, I couldn’t just test the mod in the kind of size that a massive multiplayer could do. That’s why I will keep this mod updated until all problems are fixed.

This mod will be supported until the new sound engine update comes around. Then I will either focus fully on JSRS4 or maybe need to revive DragonFyre if there might be any problems then. But there shouldn’t for what Bohemia told me at least.

For now, when this release will work well, my next goal will be a full RHS Escalations support.

A thing that needs to change are the interior Wind and Rain sounds for buildings that are currently audible outside of a building either. So that is one small thing for an update later. But I will collecting things first

The mod is NOT Final!
There are bugs and issues still left open and I’ll fix those later. Its an RC Release, so keep that in mind before you leave a nasty mean comment because YOU are unsatisfied!

What is new in this version?

JSRS 3 DragonFyre EDEN Version 1.2

– Fixed missing SD sounds for MMG Navid
– Fixed missing SD sounds for MMG SPMG
– Fixed missing reloading sound for MK20C
– Fixed missing dry weapon sound for MK20C
– Fixed missing change firemode sound for MK20C
– Fixed bolt action sound for Navid MMG
– Added new Gau Cas cannon sound WIP
– Fixed missing boat wave bumper sound
– Tweak gau Cas cannon sound volume
– Fixed missing interior AH9 Pawnee/Hummingbird sound
– Tweak rain volume
– Tweak rain/Environment unnecessary distance values
– Tweak Helicopter volume controller
– Tweak volume for Air vehicle:
– AH9 Pawenee
– AH99 Blackfoot
– A-143 Buzzard
– A-164 Wipeout
– AR-2 Darter
– CH49 Mohawk
– CH67 Huron
– Mi48 Kajman
– Mi290 Taru
– Po30 Orca
– TO199 Neophrom
– UH80 GhostHawk
– WY55 Hellcat
– Tweak exchange of rotorSpeed and Thrust factors for helicopters
– Fixed AH9 Pawnee far distance sound was played after engine shut off
– Tweak increased vehicle weapon volume for auto-cannons/cannons
– Tweak increased helicopter start and stop sounds volume
– Tweak boat speeding and water sounds
– Added new speed boat sounds
– Added new assault boat sounds
– Added boat laying in water effect sounds
– Tweak flying shell sounds
– Fixed missing explosion sounds for Rocket 03/04 HE/AP
– Fixed missing sound Twin Cannon 20mm on Buzzard
– Fixed missing sound Cannon 20mm on Blackfoot
– Fixed missing sound Case-less Cannon 30mm Kajman
– Tweak off road rattle and suspension on vehicle Off Road
– Added interior bullet-hits for vehicles
– Tweak sound volume of distance explosions
– Tweak sound volume of distance weapons
– Fixed missing beach and coast wave sounds
– Tweak all air vehicle increased volume and sound distances
– Tweak M134 Gatling sounds
– Fixed missing SD sounds for NAVID HMG
– Fixed low volume building destruction sounds
– Tweak decreased cartridge distance from 50 to 5 meters
– Tweak explosions of 20mm cannons were to strong/sounded bigger
– Added loop function/sound to Gatling weapons
– Added new sound for 20mm cannon
– Added new sound for 30mm ceaseless cannon
– Tweak increased volume of Gatling weapons
– Tweak CAS plane gau loop function
– Added new CAS (gau8) weapon sound
– Fixed Navid HMG background bolt action sound in some samples
– Tweak Increased turbine sound distance of jets
– Added missing CAS missiles 03 and 04 sounds

Download it HERE