TILOS, An old friend…

Some time ago a few would remember talks about a “Life” server hosting Tilos as our main map, well it has been kicked back alive and a 2016 version has commenced!

Question is… Would an EXILE Mod and Tilos mash work?! Express your thoughts in our forums here! www.RTFGaming.com Forums


What is Tilos Island?

Tilos Island is a terrain that anthariel created back in 2015, this land was his first terrain in Arma, however due to a lack of organization and time, He decided to stop development of the project, leaving the Beta version back to March/April 2015.

For this new version of Tilos,he restarted on good and proper foundations and in addition of new technical modifications, this project will be fully open source version once arrived in beta.


What is new?

Well, basically almost everything, besides being almost twice as large, every place has been redesigned for large military operations. The open source is also a big part of the new things, the map is designed to allow the people to add for example others island near Tilos, modify existing places or just if you want to learn how to create a terrain and all the source will be of course documented in French & English (English version may be delayed).

Apart from all this, some parameters have been modified such that the cloud system and the ocean to give a personal touch to the island.


Technical Specification:

  • Grid Size : 4096 x 4096
  • Cell Size : 6.0
  • Terrain Size : 24576 (Similar to real life size terrain, the island itself have ~72Km²)
  • Satellite / Surface / Normal Maps Size : 24576 (1p/1m)
  • Texture Layer Size : 48.00
  • Estimated Alpha Addon Size : 475 – 525Mb (without external dependencies required)
  • Estimated Source files Size : 18 – 22Gb



Here the planned road-map:

  • May : 0.25 Alpha release (64km², ~31km² of Island)
  • June : 0.35 Alpha update (corrections, new objects, new places)
  • July : 0.5 Alpha update (corrections, new objects, new places)
  • July / August : 0.75 Beta release (Sources files, 85% of the island is mainly done)
  • September – October : 1.0 Final release (100% of the island is done), futures update are not exclude


Below was the Beta Launch trailer for Tilos Island back on 2015, you can see the quality and extensive underground cave systems! (only a sneak peak!)

Below are links to his 2016 Album
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