Concrete Constructions

While the server is down for the ARMA update maintenance, please see below regarding New Constriction materials.

Base raiding. This is probably the most wanted feature at the moment. And we have put all of our energy into this specific aspect of the game in the last weeks. The current constructions in Exile still have the placeholder armor and damage model that we have used during prototyping in June last year and are really as unbalanced as placeholders can be.

We believe that nothing should be 100% safe in Exile, but the effort put into raiding a base should be in balance with the effort required to build a base. The current wood constructions and metal fortifications work quite well and will remain in Exile, but we plan to extend this system with another type of constructions: Concrete.



Wood constructions will be just as easy to craft as of today. They are fast and simple ways of crafting the basics required for a base. But we will change the amount of damage they can take. They will be much easier to destroy compared to today. They are not bullet-proof and offer almost no explosion shielding.

Fortified wood constructions will remain bullet proof, just as of today. They will only offer a little better explosion shielding than normal wood constructions. If we have some time left over, we will make the fortifications double-sided, as we have noticed that players tend to rotate them to masquerade them as regular wood constructions. Also, the amount of damage they can take will be reduced to be in balance with the other materials.

Concrete constructions will be the high-end tier in Exile and will require quite some effort to craft, but it will definitely be worth it! They will be completely bullet-proof and offer the best explosion shielding in the game. But the way you craft them will be completely different: You cannot craft them in your base.

We plan to place two or three concrete mixers next to construction sites on the map, depending on the map size. It will not be possible to place a territory over there and it will only be possible to craft concrete constructions by using a concrete mixer. So better watch your back while you craft these high-end constructions!


Now you might think: “Wait, there already is a concrete mixer in Arma!”. If you think so, please leave a comment! Actually all of us thought the same and we have had a competition to find it – without any success, so we ended up creating our own one.

To craft concrete constructions, you need bags of sand, bags of cement, a shovel, metal poles and a new item, a plastic canister that can be filled with water.

We will post more about the new constructions and base raiding in general as soon as we have something to publish :)

See you in-game!