Concrete Constructions – Part 2

Today, we would like to showcase the new concrete construction materials that we have been working on. There is a wall, window, door, doorway, floor, floor port, stairs and a support implemented already. Other constructions, like a gate for example, will be implemented soon. I think screenshots say more than a thousand words, so please have a look:



We have also tweaked a visual glitch with the existing constructions. Somehow they used to be visible in the distance, without the fog having a big influence on them. It was very easy to spot a base due to that problem.


With that fix, it will be much easier to hide a base in the future. On the other hand, it will be harder to spot a base, since they will now blend with the fog like every other object on the map.

We would also like to mention a small usability improvement that we have implemented now. Until now, it was always a little confusing when placing a door, since you could not see in which direction they would open while placing it. Well, that has changed now :)


That is it for now. We plan to post a larger blog article on Sunday, when we talk about base raiding in more detail :)

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