New Respect System – Part 2

Yesterday we wrote about the new respect system and how it will affect your shopping trip to the traders. Today we would like to write something about how you can gain and lose respect in the upcoming versions. As of today, losing respect in Exile has no real consequences. Also, there are not many ways of losing respect. This resulted in players gaining more and more respect over time. This will now change.

The most dramatic change we are going to apply here is that you will now gain and lose percentages of your respect. If you die, you will lose a certain percentage of your current respect. If you kill someone, you will get the respect that this guy just lost, plus some respect bonuses depending on how you fragged the victim.

This change has welcome side effects:

  • Killing a pro will get you more respect – Or reversed, the more respect you have, the more “painful” your death will be.
  • Killing a beginner will get you only little respect – Or reversed, being shot from a pro is less “painful”.
  • Killing Bambis is much more “painful”.
  • Dying and comitting suicide now has a consequence.

To give you a brief overview of how the respect transfer, gaining and losing is going to be in more detail, please find a description below. All of these values are configurable and represent the default values in vanilla Exile.


If you die due to hunger, thirst, temperature, collisions, fall damage or other generic death types, you will lose 1% respect.

Crashed to Death

When you crash your vehicle and die. You will lose 1% of your respect.


If you chose to commit suicide in the escape menu. You will lose 2% respect.

Friendly Fire

If you kill a party or clan member, you will lose 3% of your respect. Victim does not lose respect. Death and frag do not count.

Killed by NPC

If you have been killed by an NPC, you will lose 4% of your respect.

Bambi Kill

If someone kills another player who is still in Bambi state, the attacker will lose 5% of his respect. Victim does not lose respect. Death and frag do not count.

Enemy Fragged

The default kill in Exile. Happens when you kill another player who was not a Bambi and not in your party or clan. If you frag another player, the victim will lose 5% of his respect and you will gain these 5%. Depending on the way you killed the victim, the following frag bonuses can apply:

First Blood

You killed the first person after server restart. +100 respect


Killing the same person over and over again results in a domination bonus. +80 respect

Kill Streak

Killing two or multiple players within two minutes will result in a kill series. Each kill pro-longs your series by another two minutes. Respect will stack per kill. +50 respect, +100 respect, +150 respect etc.

Let It Rain

Applies when you kill someone by using a vehicle turret or static machine gun. +150 respect

Range Bonus

You will get an additional 10 respect per 100m kill distance.


Applies when you kill someone with an axe or sledge hammer. +300 respect

Mad Passenger

If you kill someone with your normal gun while sitting as a passenger in a vehicle. +400 respect


If you drive over someone. +200 respect


If you kill someone while you are in your base, you will get the “Homie” bonus. Usually applies when you defend your territory. +20 respect


If you kill someone in his own territory, it will count as a raid. +20 respect

Big Bird

If you “road kill” someone with a helicopter or UAV drone. +600 respect

Chute > Chopper

If you fly your parachute into a helicopter and the helicopter crashes, while you survive. +1000 respect