Concrete Mixer & Back Online

Firstly I’d like to sincerely appoligise for the down time, as some of you might know our server had been part of a malicious internal attack that was one of many other servers affected by a hardware fault.

Never the less, this has caused us to go offline and loose some of our database.

For everyone affected, please see myself, William EqualsD in discord to arrange compensation.

Again, I do appreciate all who do decide to return. The server is now back online.


Further to some more news,


We have finished how concrete mixers can be used for crafting!

There is not much to say about it. Stand nearby a concrete mixer, have all the required items on you and start crafting like usual. The main difference to normal crafting is that it takes a minute before you get the resulting items. Current components for concrete constructions are sand, cement, metal poles (because logic) and water. Enjoy!