1.0.0 “Potato” Release !

At 4:00 Am, we had officially received the ARMA III Apex Release!


We have shut down the servers till the new patch is applied (as usual the joys of fixing this update always comes to us as were heading to work! I will make this my priority to have this contemplated first thing once I come home. Some have stated they still are yet to purchase the apex expansion ( https://arma3.com/apex ) and yes we will be moving over to the Tanoa map! With this, a wipe is evident to allow an even playing field and the new placed location items, for all the continuing players (who have been on in the last month) will receive a loyalty pack in which will be sufficient compensation for the wipe, these must be claimed as soon as possible by messaging myself (William EqualsD) on Discord.

The Update to 1.0.0 link will be updated within the forums for you to download in the mean time, till then, Thank you!

Official EXILEMOD.com Change Log:


  • Official Tanoa and APEX support
  • Press shift+click on the map to place multiple waypoints
  • New Scuba traders
  • Many bugs fixed, probably not 100% bug-free


  • Fixed: Non-Construction zones had a wrong distance check.
  • Fixed: Removed obsolete CfgBaseRaiding from mission config, as it was only a development left-over.
  • Fixed: Upgrade SQL file should now contain all required statements (meh, we went goof there, sorry).
  • Tweaked: Purchasing a territory flag will now show meaningful messages.
  • Added: New markers for aircraft traders, boat traders, Russian Roulette and spec ops trader.
  • Fixed: Marking obsolete territories as deleted did not work very well.
  • Fixed: Moving a container with pop tabs in them would make them disappear.
  • Changed: The sloth machine will now show more meaningful messages.
  • Changed: The sloth machine now shows win/lose situations visually.
  • Removed: Razor wire. This Arma model cannot be targeted and thus not moved or deleted.
  • Added: Some of the new items were missing at the traders.
  • Added: The traders now support glasses and masks.
  • Changed: “Game Mode” is now set to “Survival”.
  • Added: A new “Scuba” trader type.
  • Changed: Cleaned up existing markers. They have been to yellowish.
  • Added: New map markers for missions and capture points (See Dev blog).
  • Changed: Adjusted the sales price of some craftable items to prevent infinite profit.
  • Added: The “Take All” button now also grabs pop tabs.
  • Added: Moving base parts while the flag has been stolen is not possible anymore. However, deconstructing is.
  • Changed: Chopped wood logs now spawn directly at your feet to prevent trouble in Tanoas jungle.
  • Fixed: A boo-boo that allowed duping of code locks.
  • Changed: Re-sorted description.ext to be more user-friendly and added 1.62 settings.
  • Changed: Russian roulette chairs need to be of class  Exile_RussianRouletteChair now (See Dev blog soon).
  • Tweaked: The vehicle trader now displays the APEX Blackfish without problems now.
  • Changed: Non-Construction zones and Contaminated Zones are now defined via map markers. (setMarkerType “ExileNonConstructionZone” and “ExileContaminatedZone”). Inner contamination radius is hard-coded to 75% of the maximum radius.
  • Added: APEX vehicles and gear. The SPAR02 has not been added since it is configured wrong in Arma. Will report that to BI.
  • Fixed: RCON warnings for kick not working
  • Fixed: Strange message on family kick
  • Added: Shift + click on the map can now add multiple waypoints instead of just one. The maximum number of waypoints is five. Hover your mouse on them and press delete to remove the. All waypoints are rendered in 3D.
  • Added: Loot in contaminated zones now always uses the “Radiation” loot table. This allows spawning high loot or special loot in contaminated zones to attract players.
  • Removed: Arma 2 AKM and AKS, since APEX introduces these weapons, too.
  • Fixed: Server will not complain about missing Russian Roulette chairs anymore.
  • Changed: Reworked the login procedure to the server to prevent spawn timeouts and occasional black screens when tabbing out to read the Dev blog.
  • Fixed: Corpses that are still “controlled” by players will not be removed if the garbage collector has been set up wrong.
  • Tweaked: “Fus Ro Dah” will not push the new RHIB 600m away anymore.
    • Clans / Families
    • Mobile App Support (will roll that out soon)
    • New construction material
    • Base Raiding
    • Physical pop tabs
    • Russian Roulette
    • Gambling
    • New weapons and vehicles
    • New respect system
    • And so much more!

More on this in the Dev blog soon (Valve time applies).