1.0.2 “Kohlrabi” released!

To update, open A3 Launcher, head over to MODS, select EXILE and Verify files, it will automatically update to the correct version,

I have also reduced the slots to 20 for the time being,  Remember this is a hobby and is not funded by any one else.


  • 8G Bullet Cam
  • Compatibility with Arma 1.64
  • Bug fixes, but still not bug-free
  • Much wow, so Exile



  • Fixed: Ambient Flyovers could crash into the vehicles sold at vehicle/aircraft traders – thx to @kimse for reporting
  • Fixed: Exploit where you could buy something without losing money – thx to @Satus for reporting
  • Changed: Desensitized onHackedData that kept on banning people, probably due to BattlEye not functioning correctly
  • Changed: Increased the spawn radius of purchased boats and vehicles for Tanoa traders
  • Added: Suppression of the annoying “regroup, regroup, regroup” chatter
  • Fixed: Bikes can now be flipped
  • Fixed: Concrete floor hatch and concrete window hatch would not be refunded when deconstructing – thx to @StokesMagee for reporting
  • Added: XM8 Mobile App notification when protection money was paid
  • Fixed: Crafting a Metal Repair Kit would return a Wood Repair Kit – thx to infaCt for reporting
  • Fixed: Moving a construction part when the territory is maxed out could lead to instant cancellation
  • Added: 3D party markers will now become transparent when looking at them, so they do not block your line of sight anymore :)
  • Removed: Ingame dev blog
  • Changed: Ambient Flyovers now run out of fuel after a couple of minutes, so if the Arma 3 AI is too intelligent to miss the 800m-in-radius-waypoints, they will not fly in circles forever, but crash instead
  • Changed: Reverted back to old group management. Loners are not in the same group anymore. We will consider switching back to the new system if all related engine bugs are fixed. We do not know if and when this might happen
  • Changed: Reverted back to old “No Voice in Sidechat” functionality, since the “enableChannel” command in Arma too buggy
  • Removed: Vanilla Arma Chat/VON channel info icons, since they have no effect
  • Fixed: Paying protection money did not show a proper toast
  • Fixed: Crafting a wire fence kit would not return any item
  • Changed: Increased the radius in which vehicles spawn on purchase
  • Changed: Increased the maximum distance you can be from a vehicle in order to repair or hotwire from 5 to 7m  – thx to @Mr.Pig for reporting
  • Fixed: Updated the exile.ini to properly delete old objects – thx to @Mr.Pig for reporting
  • Added: Earthquake server event. Do not spawn too often, it destroys a few static map buildings everytime
  • Added: Flags of Scotland and Estonia
  • Added: Possibility to code and send custom notifications to the Exile Mod XM8 app via SQF only (Requires whitelisting from us)
  • Fixed: A problem where quad bikes and regular bikes would still warm you up in cold climates – thx to @John for pointing out
  • Added: 8G Bullet Cam
  • Added: Ammunition and fuel randomization when spawning a vehicle in the world on server boot. Check the settings below! – thx for @GamingAtDD on Twitter for the idea
  • Fixed: Possible client crash to desktop when joining a server – Please tell us if it helped you!
  • Added: Arma 1.64 compatibility
  • Added: Prototypes of hunting, farming and fishing (Will be finished later!)
  • Fixed: A very exotic glitch where one could access locked safes – thx to @John Lemon for reporting

    8G Bullet Cam

    Today we would like to show you a new feature that we are going to add to the upcoming version. This is a quick post that I write in my lunch break, so let us come straight to the point. Check this:

    We are going to add new magazines with a special kind of bullet, similar to the tracer magazines. These ones are called “8G Bullet Cam Mags” and will connect to your XM8 after each shot. For now, four magazines have been implemented:


    • 12.7 mm 5Rnd Bullet Cam Mag – for GM6 Lynx 12.7 mm
    • 9.3 mm 10Rnd Bullet Cam Mag – for Cyrus 9.3mm
    • .408 7Rnd Bullet Cam Mag – for M320 LRR .408
    • .338 LM 10Rnd Bullet Cam Mag – for MAR-10 .338

    These 8G Bullet Cam Mags will be of high quality, rare to find in loot and expensive to buy. They will only work when zooming in with a scope and only if the proper magazines are loaded. Some of these calibers penetrate wood and metal, so it will be possible to get a visual sneak peak of certain bases.

    Since this feature depends on special magazines, server owners can decide whether to implement this or not.

    Hope you like it!