No ARMA III Server, Now what?!

Dear players and community members,

As some of you are aware, with our ARMA III server it has been decided to close it down, ARMA III has been around for some time now and its limitations have almost been reached thus making it a more work to fix than an enjoyment received situation.

With multiple AAA titles being released, creating and maintaining a steady player count is sometimes hard to accomplish when competing with the larger communities especially with the costs being solely backed by myself.

Now what does this entail for RTF Gaming? well… for quite some time we have been discussing the possibilities of several games; Battlefield 1, Identity RPG and Escape from Takarov.


Battlefield 1:

With the many servers that are available to play with no cost to RTF we are focusing on gameplay solely and not server ownership at this current point in time.

Identity RPG/ Escape from Takarov:

You will slowly see some posts relating to Identity and Escape from Takarov and with these two titles showing some promise, yet no guarantee for a release, we believe this would be an interesting change (especially in terms of server hosting).

If you are not familiar with these two titles, the links are below.

What is Identity?

What is Escape from Tarkov?

There have been many who have come and gone, to the people who have stayed and supported the decisions of the past, present and future, it has not gone un-noticed and there will be something in store for you all!

We do hope to still see you all around and may be have some old friend’s return.

Until then, feel free to check out the previous posts (older posts) and remember to keep an eye out for future posts and updates for Identity RPG and Escape from Takarov!