Our ARMA III – EXILE server has specific rules to ensure an enjoyable game-play experience for all:

  • No combat logging, Really… Don’t be a woos
  • No leaving of vehicles in Trader Zones (They will become unlocked after server reset!!!)
  • No trolling of people within Trading Zones
  • You can steal all you want it’s a PVP(e) server
  • No building on Roads or near Spawn Sites
  • No Hacking, Exploiting, Duping Or Glitching = BAN/KICK
  • Respect goes a long way, use it! And HAVE FUN!


Community Created Territories and Channel Guidelines

Channel and Territory names must not include words and terms that may make them seem uninviting to outside players, Racist, Insulting or a direct abuse to one or many players. These include offensive, crude or sexually charged language. What you might find as “Normal Banter” some might take offence and this is where a benefit of the doubt comes into play. First will be a warning, after that you are on your own.

Examples of acceptable names might be the name of the game that you’re playing or something like “hanging out” or the like if you’re in a casual focused room. The goal here isn’t to get rid of humorous names, but to get rid of ones that discourage new players from joining or coming back.

When in doubt try to think how you would think of a channel name if you were a new player and didn’t know any of the people inside. All channels are public spaces regardless of who created them, and the ability to create them is a privilege that can be taken away if abused.

Failure to follow these guidelines may result in your channel being renamed or deleted without notice, Base name adjusted/removed or further administrative action.

This includes in game and also within the forums.

Everything else is fair game. While many game servers impose additional rules in an attempt to improve game-play, such as “no attacking the enemy base” or “no mortars”, we feel these rules are usually attempting to solve “problems” which can already be solved by players within the rules of the game. We believe that using standard game-play rules, objectively enforced by the game software, is most conducive to a fair competitive game-play experience.

The internet is the land of the keyboard warrior, but this is its safe haven. We are building a large, friendly gaming community and we want everyone to take part. So treat one another with respect and follow these simple rules